Fellows Friday: Nerof Gasgal in 5e

Welcome to this week’s Fellows Friday where we take a look at a specific NPC in the World of Greyhawk, look a the information from previous versions and see how we can fit them to th 5th Edition of D&D.

Then we are going to flesh out the characters personality and create three plot hooks to put them in your game.

Today we are looking at Nerof Gasgal, the mayor of Greyhawk. He is also a member of the Thieves’ Guild.

Like always, we will assume the timeline of “From the Ashes”. So we are looking at the iteration on the 1st of Coldeven 585 CY.

Short biography

Nerof Gasgal was born in City of Greyhawk in 540 CY with no status as part of the poorest people of the city.

He joined the Thieves’ Guild and he in particular befriended Org Nenshen, who is the Guildmaster in present day.

Due to Nerof’s growing fear he started to go into politics and after becoming the youngest director of the Directing Oligarchy he was elected as mayor of Greyhawk in 570 CY.

His ambition is to be the best mayor that Greyhawk as ever seen. He has had a lot of success in recent years with balancing allies and foes and even gaining territory for the Domain of Greyhawk.


Nerof is a human of 45 years and 5’9″ of height. He has dark brown hair and a brown beard with gray patches growing steadily over the years. He dresses very conservatively but his clothes are of excellent material.

Special properties of the old versions

We are looking at the Nerof Gasgal stat block from the City of Greyhawk boxed set. Most notably, Nerof has high stat scores in Wisdom and Charisma with the obvious high Dexterity for thiefs. His magical items are not described further but he has access to a vast amount of items through the Guild of Wizardry.

The new stat block for 5th Edition

Converting Nerof Gasgal is surpisingly easy. The 5th Edition has the perfect Rogue subclass just made for this character, the Mastermind. As for magical items, there are a lot to choose from. Any sort of defensive item might be useful, but let’s try to give something specific to Nerof.

So here is my personal Nerof Gasgal stat block:

Nerof Gasgal in 5e
Nerof Gasgal in 5e

Additionally, he possesses the following magical items:


Nerof Gasgal is known to be good politican, cunning and persuasive. Despite his role in the city now, the nobility doesn’t forget that he used to be from the Slum Quarter, and he knows it.

Nerof changed a lot in the city like simplifying the currency system and reforming taxes. He still has strong ties to the Thieves’ Guild through his friend Org Nenshen, but he truly acts in the best ways for the city at all times.

He will take bribes from and wagers all bribes he got against each other.

Plot hooks

Player characters might be involved in plots that involve Nerof but getting a quest directly from him is very unusual. The adventuring group needs to be known in the city before Nerof considers them. If the player characters did any good deeds for Greyhawk he might contact them for a private meeting.

  • Turin Deathstalker in Safeton needs a group of exceptional skills to infiltrate the Pomarj past the front lines. The orcs are building a new war machine that could turn the battle in the wrong way. The party needs to destroy it.
  • Nerof Gasgal orders to finally free the Hool Marshes from the lizardfolks after the Fort Marshkeep got overrun and destroyed. The group’s objective is to find a way through the swamp, find the lizardfolk settlement and judge how many forces they have.

I hoped you liked my iteration of Nerof Gasgal in 5e. Next week we are going to look at Kieren Jalucian, guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry.

Please leave any comments or feedback below.

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