Fellows Friday: Kieren Jalucian in 5e

Welcome to this week’s Fellows Friday where we take a look at a specific NPC in the World of Greyhawk, look a the information from previous versions and see how we can fit them to the 5th Edition of D&D.

Then we are going to flesh out the characters personality and create three plot hooks to put them in your game.

Today we are looking at Kieren Jalucian, the guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry. He is also the principal of the Greyhawk University of Magic Arts. After Otiluke’s sudden death he is also the president of the Society of Magi.

Like always, we will assume the timeline of “From the Ashes”. So we are looking at the iteration on the 1st of Coldeven 585 CY.

Short biography

There is not much known of Kieren Jalucian’s birth year and birth place. His estimated age is around 100 years.

It is said that he was travelling all over the Flanaess beforr settling down in the City of Greyhawk.


Kieren Jalucian is a human of unknown age (in the 100s but appears to be 30) and 6’3″ of height. He is a large man with long blonde hair and always clean-shaven. His clothes are colorful, prefering billowing robes of the finest Celenian silks.

Special properties of the old versions

We are looking at the Kieren Jalucian stat block from the City of Greyhawk boxed set. Most notably, Kieren has an usual high strength score of 17 for a wizard. There is not much described what would differentiate Kieren from a generic wizard.

The new stat block for 5th Edition

There is not much to work with in the 2nd edition to flesh out Kieren and make him unique. However, it is notable that he either extensively used the Potion of Longevity or found a different way to magicaly change his age. His focused school of magic could be anything. Ultimately, I decided to make him an expert of illusion magic because the Desportium of Magic, a competition of illusion in the City of Greyhawk, might as well be his idea.

So here is my personal Kieren Jalucian stat block:

Kieren Jalucian in 5e
Kieren Jalucian in 5e

Additionally, he possesses the following magical items:


Kieren Jalucian enjoys life to the fullest. He is very approachable and friendly. One of his goals is to improve the public image of mages. Although he is not a serious person on the outside, he knows his responsibilities and does a lot of work. After the demise of Otiluke he got swept with more tasks as the new president of the Society of Magi.

He is also a director in the Directing Oligarchy where he keeps quiet most of thr time, only giving his opinion on magical matters.

He is supposedly in romantic relationship with the newest member of the Circle of Eight, Jallarzi Severnain.

Plot hooks

Player characters might be involved in plots that Kieren Jalucian if they have a good standing in the City of Greyhawk or worked their ranks up in the Guild of Wizardry.

  • A group of mages from the guild went into the Mistmarsh to study the magical dweomer of the swamp. They were bound to return weeks ago. The adventuring party is hired to investigate.
  • The annually Desportium of Magic is in jeopardy as the leader of last year’s winner was brutally murdered. The party needs to find out what happened before too many groups pull out of the competition.

I hoped you liked my iteration of Kieren Jalucian in 5e. Next week we are going to look at Rary the traitor, former member of the Circle of Eight.

Please leave any comments or feedback below.

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