About me

Hey guys,

My name is Patrick aka Frogsama and I’m glad that you stumbled over my site! I’m a 28 year old used to be Software Developer, after I met the love of my life I realised I’m not happy with my 45hr/week job that sucked the life out of me.

Right now , I’m in the middle of seeing the world and travelling through South America (from May ’19 to January ’20). While on my travels I had a lot of time to think what I really want in life and what I really like to do.

I always had a huge passion for D&D and especially the Greyhawk setting. I loved the memories of creating adventures and seeing the eyes of my players when they succeeded doing something awesome.

Further, I strongly believe D&D 5th Edition is the best version of Dungeons & Dragons for story driven epic campaigns and Greyhawk is the best setting ever made.

My goal with this website is to bring the best of two worlds together. I know how hard it is to get into a new setting. That is why I’m here. Enjoy my adventures, ask questions, add stuff for your own personal Greyhawk campaign.

More importantly, have fun!